Here are some tips when shopping in the holiday season:
1. Do not Imitate Others
When shopping, buy exactly the items that need to be alone and not because you are in the "mood" feast. Many people are affected and make purchases that are not needed because everyone buys new clothes, new furniture, etc. change. Culture "imitate others" should be scrapped because it does not provide any benefits. The person most knowledgeable about the financial situation and your needs is your own and not someone else.
2. Do not Owe
There are people who are willing to celebrate berhabis dollars 'damage'. Not enough money to pay, some are willing to use credit cards and personal loans just to make sure this year's election the most lively. These habits should be avoided because there is no point in holiday style, but broke after the elections. Such loans will charge you for a long time, while you just want to celebrate for a short time.
3. Do not Waste Attitude And Practice thrift
Food purchasing habits in Ramadan excessive market should be abandoned. So you do not control the desire to buy excess food which eventually thrown away. Ideally, list the first food to be purchased before going to the market of Ramadan.
In addition, you can also try to avoid breaking the buffet at the hotel with the whole family because it may be a waste if you can not afford to spend the food provided, while you pay a high price for a meal is.
4. To Go
If flipping through the pages collection of old clothes, clothes that are definitely still intact and can be used in the feast. Furthermore, because fasting and diligent work, you may have lost weight and long shirt that can be worn again. What is important is for you to mix and match and intelligent pose. Similarly with furniture or curtains of your home, instead of when it is faded or totally unusable.
5. Make Smart Shopping
When shopping, make sure you compare prices and quality. Preferably, buy goods preparation early election that is before the month of Ramadan. This is because there are few traders who increase the price of goods when the arrival of the festive season and there are also some who are willing to conceal goods (especially groceries) to raise the price of goods. If you buy early, this problem will not arise and you are not in desperation to buy.
Finally, remember that although the elections only once a year, it does not necessarily celebrated with opulence and polluted by waste. Welcome feast with moderation is the best way because the real purpose is to celebrate Eid victory after a month of fasting, closer family members and mutual forgiveness among friends.