Assalamualaikum and greetings to all visitors of the Kubang Pasu District Council Portal. First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Kubang Pasu District Council (KPDC) Portal. A millions thanks to KPDC visitor, as the Council always try ways to explore, find fresh ideas and methods to provide the most efficient and excellent services to the entire Kubang Pasu community. The visitors of KPDC Portal will receive the latest information, on our services and our organisation.

We at KPDC always welcome opinions or suggestions from visitors so that we can accomplish our organisation's vision and realise the development of ICT in building Local Authorities to a better level of satisfaction and service to everyone, especially to Kubang Pasu community. In line with KPDC objectives on its information dissemination on its organisation, I would like to proudly boast that our e-Services, which is readily available on the website, is a service makes it easy for our customers, especially with the efficiency, accurate and effective provided.

In addition to this, the e-Services also provides relevant forms to download to smoothen the administrative process and also reduces bureaucracy in Government agency, which is also part of Governments' effort. A million thanks to all that are involved in the continuity success of this Portal.

I also thank the visitors who constantly provide constructive ideas that guides KPDC to increase and improve our quality of services delivery to an excellent standard as what is it hoped by the Governement.


Kubang Pasu District Council YDP :

Haji Muhammad Helwi Bin Harun,AMK.,BCK.