1. How often must the assessment tax be paid?

    - Assessment tax must be paid twice yearly, from January until June for the first term and from July until December for the second term every year.

  2. What is the duration of each term?

    - There are two terms in a year. Each term lasts for six months that is from January until June and from July until December.

  3. How can I become the member of this portal?

    - Click at the link Signup on the left side of the portal.Click Yes on the radio button.Click the continue button.Complete all the required information. a. Display name: the name that will be displayed as the member of this portal. b.Login name: the name that will be used for login purposes. c.Real name: your real name d.Password : minimum 6 character. e.Retype password: insert the same password as in the item d. f.Email address: insert your email address g.Retype email: insert the same email as in the item f. h.Click the “Register” button ****** - the field that are marked with the red asterisk (*) must be filled. -After you have clicked the “Register” button, an activation link will be send to your email address. -Click on that link and after that you can activate your registration within 48 hours. If you did not within that period, your registration will be deleted from the system. If this happens, you need to register again.